Adele: after her 45 pounds lost

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After having removed 45 pounds, Adele displays a disturbing silhouette. So much so that the facial features of the British singer have become very marked. Would Adele be ready for new aesthetic procedures to recover some volume?

Adele after her 45 pounds lost
Adele after her 45 pounds lost, new aesthetic procedures

Adele lost 45 pounds

After intensive sports sessions and a drastic diet, the singer lost 45 pounds and does not hesitate to proudly display her new figure on social networks. Except that for several months, the interpreter of Someone like you have been the target of many concerns on the part of his fervent admirers.

The latter believe that their idol has become much too thin, to the point that the features of his face have become very visible.

Contacted by Daily Mail, Doctor Chike, medical director of the Hampstead Aesthetics Clinic, explained how the loss of fat and volume in Adele’s face made her eyes more prominent, highlighting her more angular bone structure.

Most people think that losing weight will make you more beautiful, but what often happens is that the skin loosens and ages,” begins the specialist, before continuing: “Adele has lost roundness cheeks and jaw, her features are sharper, characteristic signs of a significant loss of volume and fat of the face.

As she is young, she still has strong ligament structures, which means that her cheeks are fine. If she was older, her cheekbones would be more descending.

Adele thinner than ever
Adele thinner than ever

If weight loss is advised for the good health of the heart, Doctor Chike assures that it can affect the physical appearance and in particular the periorbital zone, namely the contour of the eyes.

As is the case with Adele. “The texture of her skin should rebound and her face could become younger as her diet stabilizes if she concentrates on diet and skincare,” continues the doctor, who recommends dermal fillers. his clients who worry about looking more tired or sick as a result of their diet.


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